Customizing to your needs

At Polymedic, we understand when you need to adjust or customise to ensure that you are receiving the best possible product solution.

Our experienced team, headed by our Product Design Manager, has over 20 years experience in customising our products to match the exact needs of our customers. We can customise any of our trolleys or trolley covers to suit the needs of your facility. Our customisations include:

  • Building to your design
  • Building laundry trolleys to fit in existing cupboards
  • Building food service trolleys that have a combination of meal service trays and the deeper dish trays
  • Add C section rails to counteract the tilting of trays
  • Different wheel sizes for budget models or different terrain
  • Internal wheels to reduce shoulder / back strain
  • Building trolleys around your tray or basket
  • Laundry trolleys adjusted to height
  • Motorizing any trolley

All of Polymedic's products are designed to be tough, durable, lightweight and with Workplace Health & Safety front of mind. If you are in need of any service, assistance, additional product or simply want to provide some feedback, please call our Customer Services Division or email us and we will place the utmost priority on your needs.

Freecall:   1800 426 856

E-Mail:  Please use the below form

Call our Customer Service Division on Freecall 1800 426 856

or, on the form below:

1) Describe what is the purpose of the desired trolley in the 'Description' section.

2) Hand draw your desired trolley.

3) Scan the drawing and save to a JPEG file in your computer.

4) Click on 'Browse' in the 'Supporting Documents' section of this form and attach the saved JPEG file.

5) After completing the word verification, click on the 'Submit' button and we will contact you to discuss your new ideas.

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