We thank our customers for their encouragement and commitment in assisting us to keep developing innovative Trolley, Shower Chair, Grab Rail and Walking Aid solutions. Presented below is just some of their kind words:

The Prince Charles Hospital 2019

This is just an email to thank you and your team for such a stellar job in supplying all our meal trolleys with tablet brackets earlier this week. I am well aware of the lengths you needed to go to in supplying these.  Your ability to deliver on this job during a challenging time of year for leave/public holidays and under tight delivery timeframe request is testament to what strong teamwork and resilience your company and staff must have. We look forward to a strong ongoing relationship with Polymedic as quality suppliers of our food service trolleys. We think they look very professional and are of a high standard. Thanks once again from all of us here at TPCH.

Bianca Neaves
Room Service Project Facilitator

Thank you very much for your help with this referral. Pamela's trolley has worked well for the past 15-20 years which is a real testament to the quality of your product!       Pretty remarkable!

Sue Sullivan | Clinician (Occupational Therapist)

The Prince Charles Hospital

I highly recommend Polymedic meal tray trolleys. Since we have switched from Stainless Steel to Polymedic trolleys our push/ pull incidents have declined dramatically.      Our staff are much happier using their new trolleys as they aren't a tall as our old trolleys, are easier to see over as well lighter to push.

Ken Dixon
Manager - Food Services


Brookfield Village

Just a short note of commendation to you and your company.

Brookfield Village, a part of Queensland Baptist Care, has dealt with your company over many years for the purchase of trolleys, shower chairs and commodes.

I want to acknowledge your company's friendly, courteous and prompt service and your high quality products.

I look forward to future business with your company.

Coralie Sexton,
Care Manager
Brookfield Village

Domain Ashmore

Domain Ashmore is eight years old and since the beginning, we have used Polymedic products. This includes shower chairs, meal, linen and cleaning trolleys. We have always found Polymedic to be of high quality, easy to maintain and durable. For this reason, we have now decided to upgrade our equipment with Polymedic once again.

Polymedic have an extensive range of products, and will also design equipment to suit our individual need. Over the past two years, I have built up a good working relationship with Sue Stewart and have always found her and the rest of the staff at Polymedic to be very helpful, professional and reliable, providing prompt service when needed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Polymedic to anyone wanting great service and equipment.

Tanya Corr,
Mobility Therapist
Domain Ashmore

Hillview House

We are very grateful to the assistance and support that Polymedic provided us when we were determining our product needs for the fit out of Hill View House - Merrimac.

From mobile shower chairs through to laundry trolleys, food service trolleys and other general purpose trolleys, Polymedic were attentive to our needs, always ready to listen to our suggestions and, where required, tailored their products to exactly suit our requirements.

The after sales service has been tremendous and now we are enjoying the use of attractive, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre mobile shower chairs and trolleys.

Bronwyn Locke,
Hill View House

Nazareth House

We wish to pass our comments on to you about the trolleys that we recently purchased from Polymedic.

We find that they are strong and reliable and therefore should be long lasting.  The staff really like the trolleys as they find them easy to manoeuvre. We would certainly not purchase a cheaper version in the future.

Rita Koopman,
Director of Nursing
Nazareth House, Geraldton

Nirvana High Care Facility

Polymedic provided shower chairs at Nirvana High Care facility more than 10 years ago. Recently we needed to renew these. The chairs purchased meet our resident's needs and comfort and are easy for the staff to manoeuvre. Sue and the team at Polymedic are professional and offer advice and assistance in choosing the appropriate product. I am happy to recommend their service.

Bronwyn Hyde, DON.
Nirvana High Care Facility

Prince Charles Hospital

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm for the assistance given to The Prince Charles Hospital's Food Service Department in the recent purchase of eleven Polymedic trolleys.

At all stages during the purchase of our trolleys comprising 1x30 tray and 7x33 tray meal trolleys and 3 utility trolleys, we were able to have input into the design.

Staff feedback from the meal trolleys has been primarily positive with a brief evaluation feedback report attached. In summary, staff find the trolleys to be light to push, easy to manoeuvre and clean and run well on carpet. The only negative comment was the trolleys couldn't be moved sideways, particularly in a hospital ward environment. After use though, this problem is no longer a major concern as they push or pull so easily, there is no need to move them sideways.

The 3 utility trolleys are used for late meal tray deliveries, supply runs and water carafe delivery. They too are very popular with our staff due also to their light weight and ease of pushing and cleaning.

We would have no hesitation in dealing with your company or using your products again, and your customer service is unquestionable.

Wendy Megaw
Manager Food Services 2004
Prince Charles Hospital

Jodie - QLD

We have a nine year old daughter who has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and her only form of mobility is a motorised wheelchair. For the past 12 months we have been finding it quite a struggle to get her in and out of the swimming pool for her weekly swimming/physio sessions.

After hours spent on the net, searching tirelessly for products and suppliers to make life easier and safer for all concerned, I stumbled accross the Polymedic website and contacted them for a quote on their Pool Transfer Chair.

From our initial contact and to the chair arriving on our doorstep (12 days in total), I could not ask for more professional or reliable service. Sue was friendly and courteous throughout the entire process and made dealing with Polymedic extremely trouble-free.

After using the chair I can definitely say that I don't know why we put ourselves through the pain each week of transferrong Emily in and out of the water the way we did. The pool transfer chair has mad life so much easier for all concerned.

We have no hesitation in recommending Polymedic to anyone in the future and look forward to dealing with them again. 

Maureen & Trevor Solomon

Our son Evan bought a Deluxe Mobile Shower Chair Model R101 and has been using it since 2000. The model is comfortable, lightweight and versatile.

Some of the reasons we chose this model were the comfort factor, it is also lightweight, it has low maintenance parts that are easily purchased and replaced and, because we purchased the easily replaceable full seat, the chair becomes more versatile and we use it as an outdoor barbecue chair.

We have always found the service at Polymedic expert, customer friendly and reliable. Thank you for your excellent service.

Maureen and Trevor Solomon

Villa Serena

I first became involved with Polymedic in the late W's when I was Deputy Executive Officer of Allamanda Private Hospital in Southport. At that time Stewart McKay, the founder of Polymedic, discussed with me his thoughts of using Polycane technology to create of non-institutional looking range of equipment and fittings for use in the health care industry. At that time we trialled the first shower chairs, food service and laundry trolleys. They were very successful and well accepted by staff and patients.

Almost twenty years on, I have continued to purchase our grab rails, shower chairs and assorted trolleys from Polymedic. Without exception, the staff of Polymedic have been great to deal with - always there for after sales service and happy to listen and try suggestions to improve their products.

As the Manager of an Extra Service facility, more in keeping with a first class hotel than a health facility, Polymedic products continue to meet our requirements.

Gae Munsie
Villa Serena

Shem Aitken

On the 16th of May last year (2004), I was a passenger in a car accident where I suffered a Spinal Injury and lost the movement below my waist. Just over a year and a half later, I have regained some movement and feeling and progressed to walking 200 odd metres with only the help of crutches and below the knee plastic supports.

Around 8 months ago, I was referred by my Orthotist to try a walking aid attached to my Full Length Calipers which was called a 'Walkabout'. After using the Walkabout as part of my physiotherapy routine for around 6 months, I had built the strength, balance and not to mention Self-Confidence needed for walking.

The 'Walkabout' was definitely a vital part of my rehabilitation.

Shem Aitken
Walkabout User

Alan Williams

It became clear I needed something else to help me to stand and was fortunate to be introduced to the Walkabout. Not only was I able to stand with the aid of Canadian crutches, but other unforseen advantages was the immense amount of pain relief I received from being able to stand, as I have acute neuropathic pain that radiates from my lower back and glutes.

Standing also allows the blood to circulate more freely around my system and to do weight bearing exercises to help keep my bone density normal.

The Walkabout not only gives me a better quality of life but, together with my will to never give up, is getting me closer to the day when I start walking again.

Alan Williams
Walkabout User

Rosey Chester

I am writing to let others know of the difference that the Aussie Walkabout had made to my life.

I was diagnosed with MS in the late 1980's after experiencing numbness and weakness in my legs and hands and also some effect to my eyesight. I had and have a wonderful supportive husband and two boys who were 2 years and 4 years old at the time.

The lack of feeling and strength progressed over the next few years - I used ankle braces for a while - until walking was impossible and I was given an electric scooter. The scooter was and still is great for getting around my home town of Alexandra in country Victoria.....

....... It took a few months to organise and get the Walkabout and have it fitted to my K.A.F.O.s - but it took only an hours training session with Steve Gladstone to work out how to walk again!!.

I would just like to comment that K.A.F.Os and the Walkabout were never presented to me as an option by any doctor. It was only through having the luck to meet people who seem to be rather "gung ho" in their approach.

I am absolutely positive that there are a lot of other people out there who could be using this system of getting around if only they were given the option. 

Rosey Chester
Walkabout User

Jan Jarvis

The Walkabout device had given me a new freedom - I now have the choice of being able to stand up whenever I wish to do so(something that I hadn't done for 14 years).

And I can do this independently, without having to have help from anyone else, a very important factor for a paraplegic.

The other great thing about the Walkabout is that when I have the gear on, I look 'normal' - in fact you can hardly see any of it at all. This is one of the Walkabouts main advantages, and again really important to the disabled person.

When out at a social gathering, it is wonderful to be able to stand up and to be on the same level as everyone else.

For a T5/6 paraplegic who hadn't stood up in the last 14 years, it is marvelous to now have the choice of being able to stand up whenever I wish to do so, wherever I wish to do so, and completely independently and looking 'normal' as I do.

Jan Jarvis
Walkabout User
New Zealand


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