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Double Bay 14 x Tray service trolley with solid top

Product Code: IT702ANDL


HEIGHT: 1420mm (including castors)

LENGTH: 950mm (1050mm including handle)

WIDTH: 550mm

TROLLEY TOP: 6mm Grey Solid Plaspanel 

CASTORS: 2 x 150mm non braking / 2 x 150mm braking (handle end)

CENTRE WHEELS: 2 x 200mm Central tracking wheel configuration (non-swivel)
                                  *Optional 6 x swivel wheel configuration available*

CAPACITY: 14 x trays (see below for trays)

TRAY SIZE: 550mm x 400mm (or built around your tray size)

TRAY RUNNERS: 145mm (height between tray runners)

CUSTOMISE:This product can be modified to suit your requirements

•Build around your trays

•Heights between trays

•Tray capacity (eg. hold upto 40 x trays)

•4 x swivel castor configuration and 1 x NDL Castor

•Directional locking castors available

•"C" section tray runners (anti-tilt)

•Combine flat and deep trays

•Handles, each end (vertical and or horizontal)

•Tray stoppers

•Utilise the trolley top with tray runners

•Castor sizes and configuration

•Design your own trolley

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