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Motorized Wheel System

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Motorized Wheel System

Product Code: IWH-Elect Wheel

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The Polymedic Electric Wheel System has been designed and developed in association with our customers. The Polymedic Motorized Wheel Trolley system is suitable for all Polymedic trolleys from Food service Trolleys, Laundry Trolleys, Utility Trolleys  and Linen Trolleys. If you have a design we can make it happen.
The Electric Trolley Wheel System is a three part plug & play unit comprised of the Motorized Wheel, Battery Unit and Control Unit.
When the wheel is activated by pushing the lowering switch the wheel will lower to the ground and will stay in contact with the ground on uneven surfaces by way of heavy duty gas struts.
With the heavy duty gas struts the Wheel is capable of traveling up or down ramps without issues.
The Motorized Wheel will raise of the ground by simply pushing a button, allowing the user to push the Trolley sideways or use manually.  
The Electric Wheel System has been design to fit easily on to your new Polymedic Trolley and with a modified mounting kit could be retrofitted to existing trolleys.
Capable of travelling at up to 6.5 KM/H in forward mode or 3 KM/H in reverse. 
The Motorized Wheel can be Speed limiter to slower speeds if required.
Charge indicator shows current charge level
Emergency stop button will immediately stop the wheel in case of emergency
Fault indicator flashes to indicate if there is a fault anywhere in the system for quick analyzing issues.
Easy accessible charger port at controls panel.
2 x 20AH SLA Gel Batteries
Microprocessor Controlled 4A battery charger
200 kg weight capacity
Splash proof Control panel, Motor and Battery

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