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3 x Shelf enclosed double urn trolley

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3 x Shelf enclosed double urn trolley

Product Code: IT565-BLS


HEIGHT: 1150mm (Overall including castors)

TOP SHELF: 910mm (including castors)

MIDDLE SHELF: 275mm (internal shelf height)

BOTTOM SHELF: 275mm (internal shelf height)

LENGTH: 950mm (1050mm including handle)

WIDTH: 600mm

CASTORS: 2 x 150mm non braking / 2 x 150mm braking (handle end)

ENCLOSED: The enclosed lightweight multi-panel system is easily cleaned, covers, protects and is chemical resistant. 

DRIP TRAYS: The drip trays are positioned under the urn tap incorporating a 'bridge' that the cup rests on when filling. The drip tray is easily removed for emptying and cleaning purposes.

URNS: The urns are not included and can be purchased separatly (see below). Alternatively the trolley can be built around your existing urn.

CUSTOMISE:This product can be modified to suit your requirements

•  Modifiy Length, width and heights of the shelving

•  Build around your existing Urn/s

•  Guard rails, vertical and horizontal

•  Handes, vertical and horizontal

•  Castor sizes and configuration

•  Design your own trolley

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